Environmental Management Systems

Once implemented, an environmental management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001 or EMAS is proven to systematically save your company resources and costs.

Furthermore, you benefit from energy and electricity tax equalization reimbursement ("Spitzenausgleich Energie - und Stromsteuer” ) under Germany’s federal Equalization Efficiency System Ordinance ("Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung or “SpaEfV”)!

our services

Establishment of a management system based on DIN EN ISO 14001 or EMAS

  • Development of a company environmental policy, issues and goals
  • Performing sustainable environmental audits
  • Creating clear documentation!
  • Documentation structure planning
  • Support during certification!
  • Training und coaching for your employees!

Introducing an environmental management system has many benefits for your business. Waste and resource costs can be demonstrably reduced. Avoiding unnecessary environmental pollution and being constantly  transparent about your own emissions leads to an image boost and competitive advantages for your organisation. Further advantages for your company or your organisation include tax advantages as well as legal certainty vis-àvis regulatory requirements.

We are also happy to provide your company with an external environmental management representative. Therefore, you do not need to delegate this responsibility to your employees. Your employees will have more time for what is essential!


To check the compliance of your environmental  management systems, we perform the following audits on request:

  • Internal system audits - DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Environmental audits

We prepare these audits in a process-oriented manner, perform them transparently and subsequently document them thoroughly with proof. If necessary, we will conduct a cause analysis by taking the appropriate measures.

It is of greatest importance to us that YOU get a lasting benefit from these audits! For this reason and because of our own work directive, we always have all our auditors trained and certified on the latest standards!

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